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All you can get from a snail and the crisis in Venezuela.

This article was originally published as a Facebook status. But this is irrelevant, what matters is to be able to share it and that it helps raise awareness and ‘universal love’ amongst more people.
Just now, while I was practising sport, chanting a mantra, listening to Kesha songs (whose name means “Krishna”) and also meditating, I saw a snail who had strangely/curiously fallen asleep in the middle of the track and actually I helped him and thought about how sad it was how I had felt when I was a boy that I never cared whenever I accidentally trod on and took the life of one of these little animals that were always so lovely and relaxed and with their funny little “faces”. Maybe it’s not a big thing but these little animals understand how to give off positive energy and the happiness of living a natural life in a way that many humans can’t, and maybe he didn’t even realise that I saved his “life” – but he I’m sure he must have felt the positive energy and the affection that I gave off whilst helping him. I took some photos to remember what happened and the feelings and also to share with other people that I think there is nothing wrong. After that I took a photo to remember my happy face and so I could come back to it and evoke this happy feeling again, but I will keep this photo just for me.

Anybody might think “and what is this idiot doing picking up a snail, why isn’t he thinking about more important things, such as what is happening in Venezuela?” And of course, in fact everything that happens and that affects other people or animals on my planet always affect me too.
And I  think that if Latin American people valued life and nature more and understood that each and every one of us is the owner and administrator of each entire country and all of the life that exists within it, we could start to make better decisions, such as food choices and we would all become vegetarians and we wouldn’t eat or harm each other, and then we would all have excellent health and we would manage our own resources better and with an approach to more positive motives and interests, with the confidence/assurance that everybody else will at least have “more positive motives and interests” that we can never harm anybody else; and after a hard reality check about the relationship between oxygen, natural food, the diversity of plants, the quality of water and our health, as well as a hard reality check about the relationship between fear and control and that there is no need for more deaths, such as the relationship that would exist between a ‘Public Administration’, non-governmental technology in general and a virtual currency (system) that  revolves around a remuneration/compensation for every/necessary efforts or efforts that benefit others and the development that this would mean for humanity, the day in which/that all human beings are primarily conscious, of the legitimacy of the relationship between our minds and our bodies (because we have come to realise/understand that each of us is a person and we shouldn’t harm each other but motivate ourselves and live together freely and in harmony) and the universal right to an ethic of not harming anybody, and then of the fact  that is our place on the surface of this planet, then so easily and without damaging the businesses such as what could be expected in any type of revolution, we could make the businesses work so that they provide us with all the ecological, technological and “self-sustainable” things that we need.
And moreover/furthermore/besides this of course the “Public Administrations” once they are universally established and practical for their inhabitants, will have to give resources to all those who want to help others, helping themselves to reach sustainability and/or help their own system. The current “governments” with all the technology that they could buy should become efficient/good offices for the “Public Administration” and all should be transparent, and also leave behind the bad habit of keeping secrets between each other (especially secrets that bring benefits to humanity) and so I genuinely think that we will live longer, which will allow us to become better people and live a more beautiful life, and little by little, while leaving behind our fear, everybody will find their own ways, expressions and work that are worthy of/deserve the heart and value that we give to our time and the effort of our lives.

The day that all "Public Administrations" are at the service of the people we can be almost or completely immortal (people are usually afraid of this word, even though they believe in a "God" who would have undoubtedly designed our DNA, and as far as I understand works in a body that is not made/forced to age if you are a vegan and also doesn’t feel any sensation related to fear, discrimination, coercion or physical or emotional harm) and have tastier meals because we will be able to exchange and stock up on plants and fruits from all over the world, because while humans are becoming more aware of the value of the variety of plants also "patented" by "God" and the goodness that they provide our bodies with, everybody will want plants and fruit from all over the world, we will all be able to eat a variety of delicious food every day, we can live in peace and evolve in harmony, and we can enjoy and/or benefit from each day, but definitely not live in pain, and almost completely safely. Happy.”

It’s funny to think that somebody is worried when the stock market rises or falls, whilst the planet is being destroyed, when the real goose that lays the golden eggs is our beloved home, the earth, and we ourselves are the most contaminated, rich or poor, we all breathe the same air and drink the same contaminated water, and of course the poor little animals cannot be blamed at all, they always suffer at the hands of humans.

It doesn’t matter if we follow “standard” ethics or the ethics of AHIMSA, and if numbers and the alphabet were a discovery or an invention, what matters is that they work, and if we love everything more and look for a greater development of understanding and communication, we can all live so much BETTER. I am sure that “telepathy” and other “extraordinary” things, or in other words, qualities that a few certain extraordinary humans and almost all other animals have, are written in the DNA of everybody, but they are released along with/besides spiritual development and how you go about undoing your mistakes, your prejudices, and everything which is harmful and/or causes unhappiness.

From the bottom of my heart I ask the 13 “Buddha’s” that all other human beings follow this way of thinking, working towards a “NEW WORLD ORDER”; completely transparent, participative, ecological and directed towards the development and happiness of every human in particular.

And when every person, against all odds, is opposed to the killing of animals, when we no longer take advantage of the poor or the efforts of others and have to KILL their own food, little by little they will realise that human beings are “good”, hidden deep inside their DNA, and of course, can be confused in some people because of their lack of sensitivity. 

It doesn’t matter who wrote our DNA, so long as we understand that it would be the same for all religions, and it what probably matter more to people that everybody lives together happily and in harmony and that we sing and shout their infinite names, even though of course we would finally be able to do both things, because everybody is going to be able to follow calling who they want, and they will be able to personally approach him or HIM.

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